Petition update: 16K

benefit-sanct2ionsWhen I started the petition to stop all benefits sanctions, it went so viral it surprised even Jonny Void.

Then I thought I should wait for the campaign to get to more respectable numbers, but the addition of new signatures went slower so I decided to deliver it, with more than 15k, 15,000 (fifteen thousand) signatures on it. Continue reading

Electronic publication epub: the e-book

Bearing_Witness_A5I have now converted my book to electronic format.

Some say pdf is the ‘de facto’ format for electronic publication. It can be used for computers on all platforms.

However for other devices like mobile phones or tablets, it seems the EPUB format is better or more useful. I read a few manuals and ‘how to’s but somehow they all turned up to be over complicated, so here is a more simple how to convert to epub.
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