Bike route 54

To give praise where it is due, I should report that I have used the lifts at Greenwich tunnel a few times in the past few weeks and they were both working as they should all those times.

That is how it should be. All the time. All the cycle lanes, be it National Cycle Route number 1, which the tunnel is part of, or London local route number 54.

The latter, however, is still cut off just as it was a few months ago without further signage as to where cyclists are to catch up with it.

Back then, my post was picked up by South Tottenham website, with the comment, “it has come as a surprise to some that the subway is closed before the new crossing is ready.”

A surprise.

Not as big a surprise as this would be:


We all know it is just unthinkable to put a barrier on a motorway the way barriers are routinely put on bike lanes.

At least I can report that one of the national cycle routes has not been cut short for a few weeks. That’s good.