Two mass graves

It is a tradition in some parts of the world that families go to the cemetery where their dead rest every first of November, at least to arrange the gravestones and lay flowers.

But some of the dead do not rest in cemeteries, but in mass graves, in the same place where they were gunned down.

In La Pedraja there is one of these graves, of people shot from 1936 to 1939, which have been found thanks to the efforts of the families of those who fell here.

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8 de marzo en Briviesca

8m en BriviescaAyer, 8 de marzo, salimos muchas y muchos a la calle, a estos últimos hay que agradecer el esfuerzo por ceder el protagonismo a las primeras.

8m en Briviesca

En Briviesca el día empezó en la Casa Amarilla, con permiso y colaboración del Ayuntamiento. A las once empezamos con una sesión de yoga que incluyó compartir corazones. Hacia la una aprendimos un montón de derechos y consecuencias legales en diversas situaciones en las que chicas y mujeres nos vemos muy comúnmente envueltas, como convivencia de hecho, matrimonio, maternidad, abusos y agresiones. Continue reading

Smart leaks

Indymedia was a big, almost world wide project, born in Seattle, VA, USA, in 1999. It was the first ‘place’, the very first internet outlet where any one with a computer and an internet connection could post their own news, their own text and media content. Continue reading

The Motorway

motorwayOlder people in Briviesca know full well that there was a before and an after the construction of the AP1, which in my home was never called that way, it was always The Motorway. In a town where ‘everyone knows each other’, where when one spoke of someone the name was of little use – if anything, the nickname, inherited from generations, or ” is the son of…” – new people were known, for information purposes, “Mengano, you know, who came to work on The Motorway”. Continue reading


We had five demonstrations. Then we had this one and, yay, it was published by the provincial paper in its local section. Hurray.

Some evil tongues say that the Diario de Burgos published the picture with the least possible amount of people

This is the first picture, before more people joined us.

This is the last picture, after people had joined us.

And this is the one the paper published.

The AP1

To make the “Motorway with Toll” AP1 (paid motorway between Madrid and France) completely free of tolls, and therefore the N1 (alternative, free road) less mortal, a group from Miranda demonstrated cutting the road, with the support of neighbours and the Platform of Briviesca.
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