13th 4th of June

Another year of remembering, especially on this day, even if we remember most if not every day.

Another year of not being able to go to the place where it happened.

This year I posted this to the critical mass list because Critical Mass London gave some of us the joy of riding back

Dear Critical Mass London

thirteen years ago, we lost a friend while riding from London to Brighton.

A few days afterwards I wrote to this list to ask the mass to head to Brixton that month. I’m sure the conversation afterwards can still be read in the archives.

Critical Mass did indeed ride to the spot where the ride to Brighton had started, in Brixton, and what we did there, and the whole process, played an immense role helping us cope and start to recover from such a massive blow.

So, thank you, Critical Mass for giving us back the joy of riding. Please keep on riding

More posts about Marie, that may help understand: https://ana.aktivix.org/tag/marie/

Marie Vesco – 5th anniversary ride

art3_smallFive years ago, a group of London activists cycled to a «Smash Edo» demonstration against the arms trade in Brighton. With them was Marie Vesco, who was part of the Food not Bombs group which regularly handed out food in Brixton.

14 miles north of Brighton, she was killed on the A23 by two careless drivers who were never prosecuted.

Sigue leyendo

4th Anniversary

Arranging the flowers

For the fourth year after the death of Marie Vesco, her family and friends visited the site on the A23 where she was killed, to put flowers and a picture of her at the site, and to remember her. They also had the chance to inform a few cyclists about the cycle path that runs parallel to the road. The cyclists were riding along the very spot where Marie got killed. They had followed the signs trying to reach the cycle path, but said signs only led them back North.
Sigue leyendo


This is the spot where it happened. A23. Junction with A2300. The access slip road. 4th June 2008. We’ll return there today.

Just an empty road.

Just an empty road.