Mass Witness

I was at the critical mass of July last year, all the way from South of the river to Stratford. Therefore, I responded to the call made by Green and Black Cross when they asked for witnesses.

Most of the hour long interview was spent reviewing footage taken by police. Especially footage taken south of the river.

It turns out that, right now, having witnessed the events that took place south of the river is more important than having been to Stratford, that day.

I was surprised to learn this, as I only turned up thinking I had something relevant to say about what happened in Stratford.

But no.

At least part of my testimony is relevant because I was south of the river, because I appear in some of the police footage and, moreover, I appear next to one of the defendants.

Every single person who appears in the footage taken by police south of the river (and there are hundreds) is potentially a very valuable witness for the nine defendants.

It may be a bit pressured with time now but given that the defence witnesses will only start to give their evidence from Monday, it may not be too late to contact Green and Black Cross now.