Petition update: 16K

benefit-sanct2ionsWhen I started the petition to stop all benefits sanctions, it went so viral it surprised even Jonny Void.

Then I thought I should wait for the campaign to get to more respectable numbers, but the addition of new signatures went slower so I decided to deliver it, with more than 15k, 15,000 (fifteen thousand) signatures on it.

Problem was, the Department of Work and Pensions DWP does not have an email address. And with my current work/life arrangements I can not deliver it myself in office hours when there would be people in the office, so.. I opted to deliver it, or at least make the DWP aware of this petition through social media.

There was no response on twitter, but there was a response on facebook. For those unwilling to sign in just to see the response, here it is:

Hi Ana – thanks for your message. The best way to complain is to follow the process in the link below –…/departm…/about/complaints-procedure

The comments continued as follows:

Ana: No: that page is to complain about “the service you get from the Department for Work and Pensions or from an organisation that provides its services”. I do not get any service from this Department. This is about 15K people wanting the whole policies to stop.

Ana: Until a proper way is provided to deliver this petition, I shall have to continue to post here.

Ana: DEAR DWP: I do not wish to complain. I am delivering the petition signed by 15K people so that all sanctions are stopped.

Job Seekers U.K: Do what the last guy did, drop it off at Caxton House.

Ana: What effect did that have?

(no answer)

Now the petition has 16k signatures.

6 thoughts on “Petition update: 16K

  1. Some comments under the petition – in case they’re lost there:

    My husbands full time position was made into a part time one, losing us almost a £1000 per month, we get £22 a week housing benefit just enough to cover the bedroom tax on a 2 bed terrace, it is a nightmare now what happens if they remove the £22 per week too? so please sign, I’m not asking for charity I’m asking to save the roof over our heads & a bit of food on the table.

    Even when you have a job and need to rely on benefits to surplus your income to be able to live you get screwed by this government…

    familys are going hungry sanctions are causing suicides it is cruel it must be stopped

    the end of this month will be 6 month on sanctions living on£61 CTC a week

    I was sanctioned. Now I’m ill from lack of decent nutrition and am waiting on results of some serious blood tests. These sanctions, and the people who impose them, are evil.

    Someone i know has been sanctioned for 3 months,he was already unwell now even worse i am so worried,i have very little myself so can`t help much.

    Sanctions cause untold harm to families that virtually nothing – children go hungry & homeless because of sanctions. when People fail to fulfil the ever increasing and ever more complicated rules of eligibility for their meagre ‘survival’ benefits it is wrong to punish them (and their families)

    This policy has no place in a civilized society!

    I actually in agree in principle with the sanctions, but after being on benefits, I’ve seen how the system has been abused by the governing bodies. It’s no longer used as a punishment for shirking responsibilities, but as a tool used by dole office workers to further their careers at the expense of the people they are there to help.

    It is appalling that the government have got away with this. It’s basically a license for cruelty.

    When I first became”disabled” I had no money. I lost all sense of identity,as well as coping with having to move. It can easily happen to anyone at any time. A very basic safety net is fundamental human right. If as a country we give to others, why cause utter devastation to our own citizens in their time of greatest need.

    work with people who are sanctioned. know what theygo through.

    Absolute poverty = breakdown in every way. from relationships to health, families not being able to eat for gods sake it is 2014 not 1814 NO PERSON should be living on the poverty line and in fear of the DWP letters that come through your door

    * maybe they are edited.

  2. Reasons for signing, that people have written as they signed the petition:

    Been sanctioned for going dentist for tooth out!

    It is evil and despicable act to deprive people the right of food and heating

    my son was sanctioned for 3months for missing an appointment.when he could re-claim they wanted to know how he had been living,he told them my mother has kept me.i also write a they sanctioned him for a further 6mths because they didn’t belive him. that was 4yrs ago he still hasn’t gone bk and said he would rather go with out than be treated like a idiot

    As somebody whose joint claim was sanctioned for the most trivial of reasons this degrading & draconian treatment needs to stop. If the governments want to reduce unemployment then let them create & invest in jobs rather than causing higher unemployment.

    Nobody should be treated like this.

    The thieving MP’s couldn’t go without expenses for that period but just because you are unemployed or disabled you are expected to survive through charity…. Britain, fast becoming a third world country complete with government corruption….

    People are starving, people are dying, people are forced into slave-labour. IT MUST STOP NOW

    I am utterly appalled by the way this government is targeting the poorest and least able to defend themselves. There are no jobs for people as companies can’t afford to hire as no body but the rich has any money to spend.

    Simple. It’s barbaric & cruel. This is the 21st century not the 19th. We don’t want a return to Victorian ideals. It starts with Welfare State then it will steamroll. The next will be NHS. In fact it’s started. IDS & Co have sold the public a lie

    because this isnt 1814, or 1914, but 2014 and we do not punish people for being poor in a so called democratic society, or did I get that wrong? last time I looked this was the UK not PRC!

    Sanctions are just pure evil

    This evil coalition government should be on trial for mental cruelty against the most vulnerable in British society. The poor, the sick, the disabled, the mentally ill, paying for the mistakes of the incompetent fortunate!

    The sanctions are so often vicious and totally insensitive

    If the convicted mass muurderer cannot be starved why the unemployed?

    Making people destitute will ultimately cost society more.
    Benefit is supposed to provide minimum to survive on – so how can it be cut? Paid for by NI contributions. Gross inequality – subsidised mega mandarin pay vs £50 per week for proles. Persecution cost more than it saves. Gov duty to match jobs availability to population profile to create properly functioning job market. Endless CVs cold calls, applications etc. etc. do not create jobs. Based on Tory spite. Compliant with EU law? Immoral.

    many people are sanctioned for petty reasons and living expenses are increasing all the time while people on JSA and income support are more at risk. Plus if people are on courses and are sanctioned how are they gonna get to the course to fulfil future dreams?

    Because we must start fighting back at the vicious cuts the Condems are forcing on the poorest in society.It’s better to die on our feet than live on our knees.

    We have a safety net, which people pay into, It is their to protect the needy and vulnerable. It is not the governments place to deny the needy in a modern state, while looking after the rich.

    I was sanctioned myself last september when i was homeless. Won the appeal because the reasons were both trivial and unfair but still had to wait for more than three weeks whilst living in a tent with no food. Hoping for a genuinely hung parliament in 2015 after all there are more lampposts than right wing career politicians who would not know a decent days graft if it bit their privates!

    I feel strongly that this must not continue to happen!

    Need to sanction the millionaire MPs, not the poor

    i was brought up to always strive for social justice and this act by the Government is bullying the most vulnerable in our society

    i agree with this petition sanctions are unfair. and put unjustifiable hardship on the unemployed

    Because we should start to care, tomorrow it could be you like me, needing this help! remember that!

    Sanctions are cruel and in the majority of cases are injust and must be stopped!

    As a sick and disabled person, I live in terror of sanctions. If the next assessment of my extremely rare condition is wrong, I’ll be left to starve if I appeal, with no limit to how long they take to reconsider. The ideological war on the welfare state is a vile move by a truly Nasty Government.

    Been a victim of this before i was lucky enough to land a job

    I think its wrong

    how about been sanctioned for just over 3months for refusing to take a job ,that paid £72 for nearly 2 weeks work .and all this 2weeks before Christmas ..,so no food, no electric, no bills been paid,, , then given £42 hardship payment ,and having to rely on others help ,,not good ,,is this fair?

    As others have mentioned its the worst thing they can do..kicking people when there down and they call other countries…britan ur barbaric cameron ur are the lot of you

    Because I hate to see people kicked when they are down. Because treating people in this way, (removing their ability to buy food) is inhuman and uncivilized, Because it certainly does NOT help people to get back into work. The list is long on just nasty things.

    I have been sanctionsed for 4 week for being not hours late but minutes

    The government gave trillions of pounds of taxpayer money to the richest people in Britain, and then launched a war against the poorest people in Britain. The disgust I have towards these hypocritical, lying toads is palpable and beyond measure.

    Everyone has the right to a basic standard of living (especially in a rich developed country like the UK).

    These sanctions are anti-social, punitive, degrading, and dehumanising. Does exactly what it says on the Tory tin!!

    because the dwp should have ataste of what they are doing to people who are trying to better themselves.

    Nobody should ever be in this position in one of the richest countries in the world. Money is wasted on ridiculous things in this country every day by parliament. Its about time MP’sdo what they are voted into parliament to do instead of lining their own pockets with tax payers money.

    Its about putting fear into people so they will take any job under any conditions. Its a total disgrace.

    It is not a crime to be unemployed, and it is not acceptable for companies to profit from this.

    This coalition needs to understand the consequences of its actions. Enough is enough!

    I have signed this because I am showing my support for the poor genuine people who are crying in vain

    i think it is wrong what is going on

    Hate to see something like this introduced here, but with our new government anything is possible.

    People need this

    anyone on benefits is one meal away from this ….

    Because the damage is real, not imagined. Corruption runs through DWP like a stick of rock.

    The appalling sanctions against the unemployed – punishing the poor for being poor – and taking away voice and power from the powerless is a real crime in a civilised society. That this is where we are in england in the twenty-first century shames me.

    There is a tiny percent of people on benefits, that should not be,For that we are all being treated as scum, people that are not willing to work, and even the most vulnerable such as the sick and disabled,Who are subjected to constant harassment and have to jump through hoops to prove it

    i am a war pensioner

    This is cruel and inhuman. Mandala said ‘poverty is not an accident…it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.’

    I think all sanctions against the poorest people in society is disgusting. Sanctions are nothing more than a punishment without the crime. How despicable this country has stooped so low, and how wicked the self-serving politicians of this government should use us as slave labour while they live in comfort and ease.

    As an unemployed person I am appalled that I will be exploited for free labour and left without any course of action. I believe this situation should be taken to the European Court of Human Rights and have already e-mailed and received a reply from the president because I believe the poorest sections of British society are effectively silenced, and marginalised; penalised just because they are unemployed. It’s a national disgrace and we must fight it.

    I’ve seen friends put on sanctions for a) going to an interview and b) not applying for more jobs when they’ve already been accepted for one, and are just waiting for a start date, in both cases leaving them essentially penniless and without food. They were lucky enough to have some support from friends and family. Others aren’t so fortunate.

    brother got sanctioned for cancelling his sign on, because he secured an interview

    Because i was sanctioned for being 15 mins early for my signing day.. pathetic.

    Modern Tory led Coalition welfare policy is enacted elitism of the most brutal kind. Read the policies, decide for yourself.

    Its always people like me, worked all my life, now on a low wage and struggling. No-one helps me!!!

    Denying the unemployed the pittance they already receive will not solve our economic problems. ‘The Nasty Party’ indeed.

    Unemployed – need help, not sanctions (some unemployed are excluded from work because they are no good at sales and employers rely heavily on applicants sales skills)

    i am totally fed up, my husband works full time. i have had to stop working after 30 + years due to ill health. we pay our bills and think may have a treat this month. but no another bill hike. we live to work there is nothing left over for anything breaking down. i hve even stopped medication at times why no money to pay for it. we are a month in rent arrears but try and put a bit more in when we can not ofton.

    I am one of those with a perfectly acceptable record of actively searching for work, sanctioned without any appeal, for 6 months. The system has no transparency; no proper appeal, all correspondence is ignored. The DWP are not helping people to re-enter the world of work. The entire basis of their activity is to reduce the numbers on the registers so that the government can claim through false logic that jobs are being created.

    Not trivial, like Esther McVey thinks –

    the unwaged and working poor shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of the elite at the top of society, i.e. bankers and politicos

    im unemployed it will affect me soon

    To try and put and end to unnecessary suffering at the hands of our so called politicians

    Unfair, unreliable & unjust in most cases

    Taxpayers are being ripped off by the government giving lucrative workfare contracts to their friends & supporters. These projects don’t properly train the jobless unemployed so that they can gain sustainable long term jobs & are not fit for purpose. Government needs to invest in proper educational and training to solve long term unemployment not punish people for their mismanagement of the economy over decades.

    I was under stress from threats of sanctions, These pathetic feat tactics aren’t the solution to end poverty or unemployment

    Why can’t the jobless just get what they are entitled to without hassle. when your down you don’t need to be kicked in the teeth as well.

    I signed because i have been sanctioned until the 16th Dec for missing one appointment at the JC, i have no money or electric until my Hardship comes through, which will take 14 DAYS!!!

    They are literally starving people to death and making people homeless with this barbaric process.

    People need a certain level of income to survive. They NEED it regardless of anything they have or haven’t done in pursuit of gaining employment. The politicians who make these rules are millionaires living off benefits in the form of payments for second homes, heating for their second homes, mortgages for paddocks, house flipping and other corrupt and/or greedy practices. Most of them have never done a proper day’s work in their lives and would be unemployable outside the cocoon of Westminster.

    It’s disgusting to think of those in power feeling it’s okay or them to have the money or second or third homes when there are people they are supposed to be protecting starving on the streets because their benefits were stopped for no good reason. How many mental health cases have arisen in recent years because of this? How many deaths? How much crime is committed by otherwise upstanding members of our community because there is simply no other way to put food in their children’s bellies?

    The government will stop at nothing to maintain the fiction that the unemployed are responsible for their own plight. Sanctions are an evil diversion from the true causes of joblessness – a mismanaged economy, protecting and furthering the the greed of an elite.

    The poorest are paying for the greedy, debt loving bankers.Enough is enough.It’s time to stop this con act,NOW

    I have signed as my daughter was sanctioned for 4 weeks being 37 weeks pregnant for not turning up for a back to work programme when she tried to ring them to tell them she had an emergency scan as the baby had stopped growing she also has another child to feed as well and has been left without anything.

    The number of stories you hear from people at the Jobcentre who have had their benefits stopped for trivial and often unavoidable reasons, it is extremely damaging to people’s self-esteem and, as the report says, gains a pittance in return for devastating people who then struggle to get back on their feet next time. Cruel and unnecessary I think

    i had my benefits reduced,stopped,restarted so much i cant go on like this.

    We are supposed to be a civilised society, yet we are behaving in a most uncivilised manner towards our most vulnerable members.

    I think it’s awful to penalize people so the DWP can hit their targets. Sanctions need to be stopped and common sense applied when dealing with people who genuinely need help.

    because it is a miss use of powers

    The Government are appeasing their voters by stereotyping individuals – it’ so wrong

    This is a cruel vindictive policy to blame the victims of neoliberalism for the failure of the doctrine.

    Benefits are a last line of defence for anyone finding themselves out of work or not able to work. Any government that stops them through sanctions is putting people seriously at risk of starvation and homelessness and should be tried for treason and jailed.

  3. More reasons for signing:

    I signed because I believe that to leave any person without money is not only unjust but inhumane

    The sanctions policy, and in particular the way it is administered both overtly and covertly, is brutal, arbitrary, uncivilised – and demeans this country and everyone in it.

    The Declaration of Human Rights 1948 states: Article 22.1 Everyone has the right to social security! Also: Article 23.1 Everyone has the right to protection against unemployment. Therefore this Government is breaking International Law.

    I recently signed on again and was confronted with bullying tactics which I am in the process of making a complaint… start with. Collective civil disobedience is the only way you are going to get them to take note though….a bit like the poll tax under dear Maggie

    Because I have compassion.

    son paying uni fees; this gov introduced. plus at 21 face hcc. i am on esa and facing job centre 30 hr work or benefit cuts; bedroom tax and having to move to smaller place all thrugh tories.

    Treating people this way is inhumane and degrading. In this financial climate any one of us could be in need of help – circumstances can change over night. Making people live in constant fear is not the way to a prosperous future for us all!

    Because I believe that all humans want the ability to maintain a good life and should we fall on hard times, we should have something to fall back on, although I do believe there are “lazy” people out there I also believe that minimum wage is a disgrace and no one should be forced to ultimately work on a slaves wage

    Signed this because I care about the citizens of the UK who are in need, as opposite to the UK corrupt government who care only about themselves.

    Survival for all.

    Deliberately inflicting poverty on anyone is cruel and pointless. Basic needs must be met before people can think about anything else (Maslow’s hierarchy of need). Benefits should be there to help people out of poverty, not inflict it on them.

    Some are being sanctioned when they have good reason and you can’t find work when there isn’t any there.

    I lost my job over sickness and got the all clear from the doctor and began looking for work. sadly found it hard and needed to sign on. I was lucky to get a few interviews but was sanctioned because its there policy to sanction people if fired over lack of attendance. I didn’t have the money to go to the interviews I really needed and all because they felt I needed to be punished.

    A sign of a civilised society is the care and support of those most vulnerable and in need.

    It`s not the peoples fault. I blame the government for letting in all these foreigners stealing all our jobs.

    I am a stroke survivor with severe mobility problems and understand with the stress and anquish this is causing for sick and disabled people

    Time to start saving money by sorting out the shambles that is DWP.

    i feel that it should b stopped. i am a mother of 8 children and working but volentary the money i am now expected to live off i barely have enough to do shopping for food after bills. i cant afford no new clothing for my kids or footwear. cant even afford christmas.. i cant afford to go into paid work as it wouldnt cover the needs for my family house hold. i can say i dont sit at home for benifits i enjoy going out to work just cant afford to do paid work. x

    After 45 years of work someone I know reluctantly signed on as a last resort. The jobcentre made no less than 5 separate mistakes and stopped benefits each time and each time it was admitted that the jobcentre had made various mistakes such as not updating their computer systems and losing paperwork. My friend had people they knew who helped supply the basics. My concern is for those who do not have friends who can help and end up desperate.

    The benefit reform is not helping the country just making being poor an illegal act!

    It is just appalling and shameful that people are in this position and vilified for it!

    Because I am under the pressure and extra stress of this possibility and it is adding to the health problems that I already have :(

    I am appalled at the evidence of removal of benefits for apparently arbitrary and illogical reasons.

    Sanctioning is simply about lowering the claimant figures; they don’t care how people deal with it in the real world.

    I have been sanctioned in the past, for alleged benefit fraud which I DID NOT commit. Because I couldnt prove otherwise, my children and I suffered badly. This needs to be addressed

    The sanctions regime is a wicked fraud perpetrated by a series of evil people in Government who jhave little or no idea of what it os to live in the real world.

    I am a taxpayer who is sick of Government rhetoric about how their vile behaviour protects me.

    Too many bad stories about unjustified sanctions.

    as usual the rich get richer and the poor get picked on

    The current Austerity agenda will lead to people being subject to severe poverty. We need to see an attack on the top earners.

    Because I have been a victim of this awful system and would hate to see anyone subjected to it.

    according to the Tory Press, NO ONE on benefits is actually unwell, disabled or unable to find employment. everyone is a ‘scrounger’. this is not the case and we need to stop viewing ALL benefit recipients in this way

    we do not ask to have our health problems however why are we being treated as second class citizens who do not deserve a decent standard of living.

    my daughter has just been forced to work for 6 weeks for poundland, with no offer of a job

    Appalled by the impact of sanctions on genuine Jobseekers.
    i have signed this to show the goverment that they carnt keep getting away with every think they are doing to the people of uk

    the government gone too far,nobody likes scroungers but people are genuinely ill

    its inhuman the measures they have taken.

    Punishing the poor or weak for being poor or weak is the action of bullies, not civilised educated people. If politicians wish to be viewed as civilised & sensible they must act as if they are.

    I think it’s disgusting that Sanctions can be made as often it hits the most vulnerable or sick who cannot defend we really want to see more people begging on the streets in Britain? or committing crimes of theft just to eat and exist ?

    As a disabled person my benefit is being eroded by below-inflation rises

    Simply to support the poor souls who have to go through this hardship.

    People should not be punished for being poor and in need of help

    I pay taxes so that everyone has a safety net. Taking it away from those in need for any reason is unacceptable.

    Because it is causing huge distress for people already below the breadline. In my experience of working with people in this situation, the jobcentre does not give prior warning. I think it’s a complete disgrace the way we treat people in this country who are in need. We should be supporting people in this situation to develop their work skills, confidence and self esteem so that they are able to positively contribute to the country, not treating people like they are scum.

    Because it’s immoral and unjust.

    I have suffered, and seen the suffering. People in charge are utterly clueless, and genuinely do not care. Statistical profiteering.

    The measure of a civilised society is by how well it treats its vulnerable citizens.

    I am speaking for those who have no voice.

    It’s literally the only thing i can do

  4. More reasons for signing:

    this is wrong all round, punish the polititions for treating us like pawns in their big game of monopoly.

    Because I believe that a decent society should look after it’s most vulnerable members.

    this is the most evil goverment in office ,genuine people need help of others , elderly starvin , and cold , and lonely . children , going without basics needs , get rid of this goverment , feed the needy not the greedy .

    My daughter’s benefit was cut for 6 weeks after she dint attend a ‘back to work’ interview at the job centre, she was looking after her severely disabled, 5 year old daughter, on her own, at the time. She appealed, it was turned down.

    Both of my sons are on benefit with no chance of getting work even though both have had interviews with no success. Where they live there is very little industry.

    Sanctions exist purely to scapegoat, attack and punish the most vulnerable.

    unemployment can happen to any one of us.

    I believe that fairness and equality is about addressing the causes of unfairness and inequality.

    This is a modern day holocaust thats going on.

    these sanctions are being handed out like sweets at a party-because they are “discretionary” the door is left wide open for for ANYTHING – a bloody disgrace & as usual the most vunerable are being targeted – the rules they are trying to implement are impossible to sustain

    This government want to make the disabled and the unemployed third class citizen. then starve us to death

    they only want the pocket money to build there dream train set! why not use your own money & not cutting it from the public pocket!

    I am appalled by what is going on in this country. I am disabled but lucky by most people’s standards; I think it’s shocking what is being done to innocent people who didn’t cause this mess in the first place.

    needs to stop no need for sanctions need to help people get into work and have respect and understand

    Do unto others as YOU would be done by

    I am signing this petition for the children whose parents cannot find work.

    This is a cruel way of making people work for companies who can afford to pay people proper and fair wages. People cannot afford to run their homes if they are sanctioned. A sanction could mean homelessness, as there are very few jobs which pay enough to pay rent etc.

    This is a brutal uncaring government,destroying important social and cultural values.They have to be stopped.

    They say that petty shoplifting (people stealing food in order to eat) is on the increase. Surely, it will cost more in the long term by sanctioning people with the increased legal cost? Also, there are innocent victims in this – the children whose parent(s) are sanctioned. All in the name of some individuals warped ideology and dogma!

    Sanctions are an arbitrary and unaccountable measure penalising soft targets.

    Because bullying people when they are at their most vulnerable is not acceptable, no matter what!

    The use of benefit sanctions at the moment is morally undefensible.

    This system leave ppl who have very little to begin with with absolutely no means to support themselves whatsoever, and does not “help them into work” at all. Also, many sanctions are given out on the whim of DWP staff, and very many without any legal basis.

    Sanctions are pushing already vulnerable people into further poverty and destitution

    because its morally right !

    Because the neo liberal policies which tories,libs and lab endorse are policies designed to enrich the rich and further impoverish the rest, this has been going on since 1979 and has fudementally turned the clock back on the rights of ordinary people in the UK, arise from your slumbers and fight back !!

  5. More reasons people gave to sign the petition:

    I signed because my mental health problems make it very, VERY difficult for me to (a) find and (b) keep a job, yet I’m only allocated enough DLA to cover half of my (unbelievably cheap) rent, because there are some days when I can take care of myself… I’m now BROKE, but having real trouble finding work because potential employers don’t approve of the gaps in my employment, and because these are due to mental rather than physical illness, I can’t even be honest about the reason for them.

    Families and single people are being driven to despair. We should be ashamed to treat people like this.
    Karl O. 5 months ago
    People need something, those who have nothing are forced to take it and are justified in doing so.

    Jonathan R. 5 months ago
    It is not the fault of unemployed people that they can’t find work.
    Shane W. 5 months ago
    Sanctions should never be the subject of targets, and as an ex employee, I know that targets for submissions were applied. The abuse is too common and is applied to reduce, however unfairly, the cost of welfare.

    I very strongly agree ive been there and its not very nice.
    Ian D. 5 months ago
    I am Ian Duncan Smith, I claim my underpants on my expenses, your sanction pay’s for my sexy thongs.

    tracy d. 5 months ago
    The government are killing people needlessly its a basic human right to have food on your plate and energy to heat your home the government are taking this away from us
    Tracy H. 5 months ago
    I work on the front line. I can see how desperate many people are- especially those with disabilities.
    David Q. 5 months ago
    Sanctions cause yet more barriers to employment. I was wrongly sanctioned as someone at the Job Centre claimed I hadn’t turned up despite her signing, dating and stamping my forms. Took four months to be resolved.

    Jyoti B. 5 months ago
    To stop the absolute terror felt by those who, often through zero fault of their own, are being hounded into ill health and despair by this horrific treatment.
    Jonathan B. 5 months ago
    Sick of seeing people tripped up by hidden rules and lack of support.
    Marsha T. 5 months ago
    When people in a civilized society are in such a state that they have to choose between eating and heating then clearly there is something very, very wrong

    Jaraad S. 5 months ago
    Benefit Sanctions Are State Terrorism
    Lynne S. 5 months ago
    The Welfare State is supposed to help people in nedd.
    Andy I. 5 months ago
    Because it is wrong

    R W. 5 months ago
    I paid into the system to only need it years later due to disability getting too bad to work with… But I cannot get the support my national insurance allegedly was going towards? Some might say that’s a breach of contract… Government say its because all sick and disabled are scroungers (when they’re the worst ones!)
    Michael I. 5 months ago
    This unelected coalition has been branded with injustice from the very beginning. Its favourite target has been those least likely to be able to defend themselves – the reason they are the favourite target. Of course, Joe Public’s prejudices must be kept fed, without true information. That’s why these supposed reforms are proving popular – through ignorance of reality and the ineptitude of those
    Dorothy B. 5 months ago
    Absolutely sick & tidy of the people most in need (ie the poor ), always being made to pay for the mistakes of the incompetent so called leaders.

    Ibrahim S. 5 months ago
    Human Rights! They or their parents paid in to the system so that they can be supported into employment or training not coerced to work unpaid for private companies who should pay a living wage.

    I have signed this because it is the right thing to do. To single out the poorest of society and condemn them is fascistic and wrong.

    I signed because I am tired of living in a country where the government demonises and marginalises the poor and disabled in order to make their rich friends even richer.

    Jessica A. 5 months ago
    Because we can afford to support people who need our support. So why aren’t we doing it?
    Gary R. 5 months ago
    We need an economy run for the majority not the rich minority. Till we have this we need to look after those for whom no jobs actually exist.
    James J. 5 months ago
    Disgraceful treatment from a disgraceful Government, sanctions must be smashed.

    alan k. 5 months ago
    It could be me
    TJ C. 5 months ago
    This is OUR country, not those out of touch, corrupt politicians & greedy banksters and corporate shills whom history will regard with utter contempt. This is OUR country this country belongs to you and me….
    Linda C. 5 months ago
    because off all the added stress that is put on disabled people

    Sarah B. 5 months ago
    My partner was sanctioned for enrolling at university. Ridiculous.
    David N. 5 months ago
    Because i believe since the benefit we are entitled to gets stopped,then what are we meant to survive on? how are we meant to pay our bills. the Tories have no code of decency or any form of morals at all. we should do what the Americans do and that is to sniper these bastards out of existence.
    Simon M. 5 months ago
    Because current legistlation is destroying families and driving dependent people to lives of poverty and in some cases crime.

    william p. 5 months ago
    Finding a full time job with a reasonable wage is difficult. The government should assist people not companies and institutions
    cherryll n. 5 months ago
    its nothing but bullying people who cant defend themselves
    Teresa L. 5 months ago
    We can ALL be in this situation. This is for ALL of us; a safety net. It is criminal to deny it. WE HAVE PAID ALL OUR LIVES FOR THIS PROTECTION.

    Hailey K. 5 months ago
    These measures will hit the poorest causing desperation and despair.
    Peter W. 5 months ago
    Governments have a duty to their citizens to maintain their basic human rights. Cutting off benefits reneges on that essential duty and violates the social contract.
    Trevor W. 5 months ago
    Benefit sanctions are a form of State Terrorism and must end.

    kate b. 5 months ago
    Believe that poverty leads to family break down.
    fred p. 5 months ago
    because I care and detest sanctions by the state- against the vulnerable!
    Alan P. 5 months ago
    I am Diabled and nned to recive my DLA

    Colin E. 5 months ago
    I am 74 and having to help support a Daughter who is suffering Spondylitis, Arthritis had two discs in her neck removed at different times, which does not seem to have made any difference. Some mornings when she wakes up her hands are clenched in a tight fist and has to wait for them to open which may take sometime. Who is going to employ her if she is unable to get to work that day??? She has been turned down several times and it seems that her MEDICAL CONDITION does not mean a thing.
    Jessica B. 5 months ago
    The sanctions are being handed out Indiscriminately and are causing real harm to vulnerable people and their families.
    Julie D. 5 months ago
    Because I believe in this.

    Susan S. 5 months ago
    I signed because no one should have all their benifits stopped so that they are unble to feed themselves and their children
    martin p. 5 months ago
    Ian Duncan Smith has destroyed peoples lives for personal political gain.He needs executing, legally after we have a revolution, and change the laws, then arrest him, and then execute the fat balding, psychopath failure of a human being

    Audrey F. 5 months ago
    Cold And Hungry Due To Bedroom Tax Pressure….My Mother Worked over 50 years here and never claimed anything, Not Even When She was sick with her Asthma,,,,,
    B H. 5 months ago
    This is brutal, inhumane and evil! Genecide!
    susan j. 5 months ago
    i have been in a position recently where i have helped other people who have faced sanctions..only last week a young 17 year old couple with a four month old baby had there benefit stopped and were reduced to begging on facebook for help..even though i am on benefits i went out and bought them nappies and baby food and other people donated milk and food as well…if the DWP can leave a defenceless baby to starve then this system needs to be overhauled now.

    rekha k. 5 months ago
    very well put!
    Peter H. 5 months ago
    DWP treat claimants like criminals, sanctions are causing suffering among those who have least.Sanctions cause misery, hunger and homelessness.
    Bryony H. 5 months ago
    What do they expect you to live on if you are sanctioned?

    toby m. 5 months ago
    It’s wrong.
    hayley c. 5 months ago
    Reading the information provided enabled me to see exactly what these ‘sanctions’ are actually doing to the people of our country :-( it is wrong on so many levels.
    Elaine A. 5 months ago
    We are the 6th richest nation in the world. It is a disgrace that there are such poor people here and to stop benefits to the poorest for what are often utterly spurious reasons is disgusting.

    anne h. 5 months ago
    its a absoulute disgrace what this goverment are doing to people, yeah ok somehing needed to be done to get people back to work but not punishing people by santioning them for the slightest little thing . this goverment is adisgrace
    Aarononian T. 5 months ago
    Because I Care
    Malcolm D. 5 months ago
    Because, Because
    molly c. 5 months ago
    It disgusts and sickens me to see that the most vulnerable in our society are being hounded in this way, compassion is what is needed not sanctions.

    helen d. 5 months ago
    because as a single parent this is terrifying.
    Cathie E. 5 months ago
    Because I care and there but for the grace of God go I.

    anthony f. 5 months ago
    I have never known a government so brutal so nasty and so mean :::::::
    Laura J. 5 months ago
    I’m tired of living in a society where the rich are getting richer & the poor are getting poorer

    Carol-Lynn O. 5 months ago
    We had issues with the net at home and my partner was given a job that was closed on the very same day. We had no funds so couldn’t use the cafe or the library as both charge for net usage &we have no friends or family around us. he wasn’t given info on anywhere he could go to use the net so was slapped with a 3 month sanction for something that was out of his control
    martin j. 5 months ago
    benefits sanctions are one of the most despicable weapons this government uses against the poor and vulnerable…they must be stopped from doing this
    Jenny H. 5 months ago
    This government is destroying the integrity and decency of our country

    gordon k. 5 months ago
    I have been unemployed in the 80s very bad times. feel very sorry for any one now. Much worse times.
    sandra r. 5 months ago
    its wrong how the goverment traeats ppl

    V M A. 5 months ago
    Paul C. 5 months ago
    These sanctions appear to be targeting the most vulnerable in society. Please sign this petition.
    Julie H. 5 months ago
    Because a lot of people dont want to be on benefits , my husband had his left lung removed in feburary because he had a tumor caused by working with asbestos 30 years ago , we have both worked all our lives & paid taxes & now feel bad needing help & why should we when we have paid into the system but having to beg for a little help !! not fair @ all !!!!!

    hilary d. 5 months ago
    Margaret R. 5 months ago
    The system is ill managed and frequently unjust. Too much is left on the personal advisers shoulders, they themselves are poorly trained.
    Marian H. 5 months ago
    So this is a penalty imposed on the poorest, at the whim of Jobcentre staff, probably to reach their imposed targets.

    Read more
    The Tories are trying to let the sick and disabled die of hunger and disease. Need I say anymore? STOP THEM!
    Ruth H. 5 months ago
    I signed in the hope that this cruel man, Ian Duncan Smith, might show some humanity.

    david p. 5 months ago
    plainly isnt right its always the worse off that suffer the most
    Diane F. 5 months ago
    Common decency – unlike the Gov’t.
    Diane S. 5 months ago
    This is going on all over not just in the UK. My son and his family is in the UK. I am in the US and our people suffer the same treatment.

    Liz C. 5 months ago
    I’m horrified to see the extreme distress the fear of sanctions is causing my brother. Is this really 21st century Britain?
    Denise M. 5 months ago
    Currently suffering these sanctions.
    jacqui m. 5 months ago
    sanctions are all encompassing terror tactics which amongst many other things detract from thinking about actual employment.

    glynn p. 5 months ago
    disgracefull abuse of claiments by dwp authorised by ids
    Peter E. 5 months ago
    Living under threat of sanction for the most trivial of reasons is not helping anyone. The constant fear that we may not have done enough to find a job and get sanctioned is not helping. The banks and MPs caused the problems we now face. Why aren’t any of them in prison?
    Rachel B. 5 months ago
    because a sanction system based on whim can never be fair or bring justice

    Ian S. 5 months ago
    The best way to prevent Fascism, is to call it when you see it, and adhere to a ethical code. Let your belief be your actions.
    alison c. 5 months ago
    coz the government are shitheads not god so how they dare play with ppls lives !
    Rosemarie H. 5 months ago
    People on benefit are already in poverty and taking/reducing their benefit dosen’t help anybody.It causes misery there are other better ways of making sure we follow the rules. The MP’s should live on Jobseekers without any expencies! Nobody should be able to back any one into a corner .. They will come out fighting.

    Mick S. 5 months ago
    That a vindictive or power-hungry civil servant at the DWP has the opportunity to wreck someone’s life is absolutely abhorrent to me. I worked for the old DHSS many years and understand just how easily this could happen. Truly terrifying.
    Karen S. 5 months ago
    Ordinary people, especially the poorest, are being made to pay for bankers’ recklessness and greed, through brutal, ideological austerity. We need a new party that looks after the working class, the 99%.
    P K. 5 months ago
    To express my disgust at this policy (one made by the bosses not the people)…

    Lorraine s. 5 months ago
    Because this country is becoming more materialistic and selfish like the U.S.
    GERALD W. 5 months ago
    Stopping people from having money to eat at a whim is disgraceful.
    Ade I. 5 months ago
    Sanctions are often/usually imposed without proper justification or any decent sense of proportion. Moreover they don’t actually save the UK tax-paying public any money – it’s just transferring it away from the (generally and relatively speaking) needy to private companies whose ‘success’ rate at THEIR JOB (helping the unemployed into work) is a pitiful 3-11%. Our Government lies to us, whilst it steals from the poorest of us.

    Because my family were, though very briefly, on the breadline with no chance of benefits
    Peta Micheal A. 5 months ago
    They are using the most stupid reasons to sanction people. The job centres have to sanction a certain amount of people just to make the unemployment figure look good its not fair and people are suffering because of it
    Sharon I. 5 months ago
    After being made redundant, I’ve gone further and further into poverty. I get less than 2/3 of my housing benefit paid (despite working for 5 of the last 6 years full time) and use my JSA to make the shortfall – meaning I have no money for anything else. I have a degree and years of work experience, but I also have health conditions which makes it even harder to get a job. I am at the point where I just don’t want to carry on like this because this isn’t living, it’s torture.

    eddie k. 5 months ago
    garry k. 5 months ago
    ffs please sign this. What do you prefer? a state which helps folk having a hard time, or one that forces the poor into a life of crime and homelessness? Winter is coming, and along with it there will be a LOT of crime comited by people who have no choice!
    Trish M. 5 months ago
    This un-elected, cobbled together government has declared war on the sick/ poor and disabled. Its time they were held accountable.

    David B. 5 months ago
    because i have seen and felt the poverty this causes
    spencer s. 5 months ago
    Absolute madness Cameron has no idea needs to try it from our end

    I don’t need to put a reason, as the reason speaks for its self !!

    Sean M. 5 months ago
    the rich robbing the poor is sick
    ellen g. 5 months ago
    because all the torys are thieving bastards
    Althea W. 5 months ago
    Because these need to stop, I’ve seen first hand how the sanctions effect people. I see it everyday where I live in my own home and the people around us. Luckily we were able to manage, but so many out there are not so lucky. I live in almost constant fear that we could end up sanctioned again.

    pamela f. 5 months ago
    genuine health problems are brushed aside by Atos, and people incapable of work are further humiliated.
    Ron L. 5 months ago
    People on benefits are hard-pressed to scrape by on nothing as it is, these sanctions get over used and abused especially by the Job Centre for minor trivial ‘offences’ such as being so little as 5 minutes late for a sign-on appointment. considering appointments are moved sporadically and randomly at a moments notice this is not fair for people which mental disabilities such as asbergers or other memory pattern related difficulties and it unfairly targets the most vulnerable.
    Samantha M. 5 months ago
    personal impact

    christopher b. 5 months ago
    we struggle as it is on what little we get, when it is taken away it is like the whole world is crumbling beneath your feet, TORIES OUT
    robert j. 5 months ago
    this goverment are murdering the sick/disabled and week,i fighting for them!.
    Lee T. 5 months ago
    I have signed this e-petition because penalising the unemployed with any kind of benefit sanction is a disgusting notion, these sanctions are putting so many people into poverty in one of the richest countries in the world, and all this from a government that say’s it cares – Rubbish!

    caroline r. 5 months ago
    i have been obliged to ‘live’ on £71 per week for a while now. in a normal household this cannot be done. poverty drives you to despair. it’s horrible and should not be happening in this day and age. it is cruel and inhumane to treat people this way.

    JANICE K. 5 months ago
    I am so sick of this government persecuting the most vulnerable in society and doing nothing to make his rich cronies pay their share

    Because we are all human and it is about time we started to treat each other this way again.

    This is all an act of Terrorism created on behalf of the UK Government and being I country which they are so proud of “Democracy” they have made a Rapid turn to “Dictatorship” run on behalf of Iain Duncan Smith Any form of act of terrorism should be prosecuted and put in jail. They are looking to slowly create a time in the future of “Slavery” for the poor, disabled and unemployed which is outside the Boundaries of law !! and have already been told this by the courts of law !!

    Jane B. 5 months ago
    I only work a few hours a week, its all i can get and dont earn as much as signing on at jobcentre would give me. I have tried signing on but there targets are too unrealistic for most people let alone a 59 yr old with arthritis, so i struggle with really low income rather than face the jobcentre.
    anthony B. 5 months ago
    to stop sanctions hurting people.
    Rick B. 5 months ago
    Things will only change if we all stick together, sick people should not be treated this way if its proven there genuine and need our support.

    Thomas K. 5 months ago
    I`m so sorry for people who have the misfortune of finding them self in this situation. As if they don`t have enough to worry about already with the extra layer of misery inflicted on top of them. I`d like to think there are good heart people out there who try to help you in anyway possible. Someone, has some serious questions to answer for this.
    mick b. 5 months ago
    i have signed because being disabled i had my money stopped for 9 months then finally got it reinstated but only for 2 years , then i have to go through it all again.
    Sandra C. 5 months ago
    I was pensioned out due to ill health of my job working for a health authority. Two months later my disability was taken away and I was told to work.

    Degrading and inhumane creation of destitution, absolute poverty has no place in the UK, it’s brutal and savage against people with no voice, no power and no representation, no appeal, my heart bleeds for these victims of Tory ideology.
    Simon M. 5 months ago
    this government is bleeding everyone dry except the rich

    scrap this despicable sanction rubbish that UK job centres are using to target the vulnerable. It is a loss of Liberty and rights to eat and be warm.
    Stewart M. 5 months ago
    It is morally wrong for any government to wage economic war against its own citizens, which is what benefit sanctions amount to.
    Paul T. 5 months ago
    I’ve witnessed the damage to people’s health & otherwise genuine distress that arbitary social security payment sanctions create. No place for such in any civilised or worthwhile society.

    Jason P. 5 months ago
    We have already payed in our past for out future, and not our future is here they want to steal from us. I say NO!
    tracy e. 5 months ago
    this needs to include the new £50 ‘fine’ too
    Tim M. 5 months ago
    Poverty removes the freedom to act rationally and assess situations in the long term and so creates its own vicious trap.

    Amanda B. 5 months ago
    No-one should be left destitute in this rich country.
    Tegan W. 5 months ago
    In a G8 nation we shouldn’t have nearly a million people relying on food banks in constant threat of homelessness. We can share the burden without breaking our backs.
    Mike S. 5 months ago
    The current situation is nothing short of cruelty to the most vulnerable in society and must stop.

    Candace J. 5 months ago
    Govermet spend money on wars and pay employers for people to work for nothing but thier benifit entiltlement
    carl c. 5 months ago
    Because it’s wrong and un-justice anyone with a inch of brain tissue and very few brain cells can see what is happening to the vulnerable and sick..
    Dominique M. 5 months ago
    How about governments creating conditions that provide decent jobs, instead of blaming people for being unemployed? Sanctions have not created one single job but only add to the sum of human misery, to pay for tax cuts for those who don’t need them. This is deeply shaming for our 6th richest country.

    Ronald M. 5 months ago
    Benefit reform is nothing more than a vigorous attempt to reduce social security spending and scapegoat its recipients – so that yet more public money can be used for corporate subsidy. That’s not to say that ‘reform’ of social security is not needed or potentially beneficial; but that’s not what this tory attack on the poor and vulnerable amounts to.
    Carl W. 5 months ago
    To attempt to get rid of tory fascism !
    lorna l. 5 months ago
    I cannot understand how this Government has so far been able to get away with this. People are dying and suffering and they think it’s ok. Something has to be done.

    antony l. 5 months ago
    War on the poor is immoral
    Paul S. 5 months ago
    bullying by the state, cost to families and health service immense


    carol b. 5 months ago
    because people still have to live and pay bills and sanctioning sends people into debt
    Frederico A. 5 months ago
    This is another attempt on our human rights ! (if we still have any)
    Katrina M. 5 months ago
    I signed because it is time the rich cared for the poor and we were all equal. Bring back a sense of humanity, we are all ONE.

    Lizzie S. 5 months ago
    Why are we treating benefits as a luxury that can only be had if the market dictates. People can’t survive due to luck, as opposed to justice and fairness. They have not chosen to be jobless or live on poverty wage levels. The market has created this crisis. Poverty in one of the richest countries in the world, added to needless and unethical demonisation of the poor is something that we must stand up against. It can happen to anyone.
    sarah h. 5 months ago
    I signed this petition as I spent moths on a dissertation on child poverty in the UK and there is quite frankly no end in sight with more and more working families being tipped into poverty which is a cycle of deprivation which carries on for many generations affecting every facet of the childs life from housing to education to their life chances.
    Valerie J. 5 months ago
    Grossly unfair as are MOs’ expenses, allowance for second homes, subsidised food/drink, etc, etc, etc (we are obviously not all in this together)!

    Catherine D. 5 months ago
    I signed because others are to ready to blame those on who are on the “dole” when the reailty is that some on this “scheme” want to get a job, and those are the ones being sanctioned forcing them to stay on this benefit…
    Geraldine M. 5 months ago
    This is not about ‘helping’ people into work.At any one time there are half a million jobs and 2and half million people out of work. Its scandalous.
    fiona j. 5 months ago
    Its cruel beyond belief never mind when they give tax cuts to the rich

    Shirley W. 5 months ago
    Because I am in the same boat too.
    Karen M. 5 months ago
    this government is taking us back to the dark ages, it will be work houses next. humanity must win.
    John W. 5 months ago
    The ignorant brutality and failure to genuinely assist people into work, especially failure to support the transition into work, is a disgrace to civil society. Arbitary and unujust benefit sanctions are a badge of shame for the governments lack of comprehension and vision

    dan w. 5 months ago
    Its scandalous the way this government have pushed through benefit changes which make no sense & have no thought behind them – serving only to cause more suffering for those in society who suffer the most already!
    shay s. 5 months ago
    because its effecting so many people and it’s not right to starve abd freeze to death people in your own country especially if your giving millions to other countries to save them from the same crisis.
    Will T. 5 months ago
    The Orwellian state is in full swing. We are now in a totally fascist society: corporations and government working in tandem to overwhelm the individual,the family and, of course , the society in general.

    Adrian J. 5 months ago
    The threat and over use of these sanctions against the vulnerable is yet another reflection of a sick and manipulated society.
    carl d. 5 months ago
    because the powers that be, we pay ,they take our freedom and money. in return give us threats, fines, waste our not about integrity.
    Vera L. 5 months ago
    Because something needs to be done about this and quick! Our own people of this country need helping before sending out overseas aid!

    Alex C. 5 months ago
    sanctions are immoral.
    Michael N. 5 months ago
    It is essential to confront state terrorism

    I had my Benefits stopped ’cause I hadn’t signed on weekly, but I was told not to sign on for a month, ’cause of a strike. Firstly by a slip of paper they handed out to all the fortnightly signers. I was going to ignore this, but a card came through the post. Had to apply to Ins Officer, submitted my 2 reminders, and was told he had not recieved them. When I appealed, he tried to belittle me in front of the panel. They however were very pleased when I produced photocopies.

    Ann P. 5 months ago
    Once somebody is sanctioned they have little choice except beg, steal or turn to petty crime just to be able to keep a roof over their head and to be able to eat more than once a day. In theory, you can appeal, but your benefits are frozen while you do. In practice it’s easier to just take the sanction than it is to try to appeal it, even when you know for certain that you did nothing to deserve it.
    Christine J. 5 months ago
    I don’t want to be part of a society which stigmatises the poorest and most vulnerable in our society
    Mariyam P. 5 months ago
    Stopping a person’s only source of income for basic living expenses is inhuman and a degradation in a so-called first-world country like the UK. Jobcentres are just punishing for the sake of it instead of helping people back into work.

    Andrew W. 5 months ago
    This is a draconian policy, people cannot live and find work (or even survive in many cases) when terrified, and often starving. Please sign this!
    dave b. 5 months ago
    It happened to me and was very harsh no pity ‘a tale of two cities’
    susan w. 5 months ago
    no one should be without money

    simon h. 5 months ago
    time something was done but ill be surprised if makes any difference 2bh the system is fukt
    Tabitca C. 5 months ago
    this is inhumane. no wonder this government wants to ban human rights act. it would be people’s only defence against this.
    pauline c. 5 months ago
    After paying rent and bills I’m left with hardly any money to speak off. this Government is sucking the life out of us.

    Simon J. 5 months ago
    This isn’t warfare on the poorest – JCP staff have targets and are now imposing retrospective sanctions if someone was a bit late to sign on last year, or was tricked by JCP staff into being somewhere else, leaving families without a penny to live for weeks, often months.
    richard h. 5 months ago
    human rights
    Alicia H. 5 months ago
    I signed because this is all wrong…. The wrong people are being persued here

    Angelina W. 5 months ago
    This is causing people in extreme poverty.
    Paul A. 5 months ago
    the banks ghet bailed out why not the very poor
    Trudi T. 5 months ago
    There, but for the grace of god, go I.

    glenn p. 5 months ago
    Because it’s the right thing to do.

    becos the scum in westminster are a group of predatory sharks and should be taken out put in a stock and whipped…
    regina s. 5 months ago
    prevent unnessasary death

    I signed as after 22 years of paying my taxes and through ill health had to come out of work . For this government to stop all my benefits and live on my wifes wage

    that lunatic smith needs stopping
    The state is here to help it’s people, not to scorn or reject those in need while defending the unjust and geedy.

    Boris C. 5 months ago
    I’ve been unemployed. It’s bad enough with out the vicious antics of this rich man’s government. There is no need to make it worse.
    J D. 5 months ago
    I experienced a sanction becaue I missed an appointment with Ingeous that I didn’t even know about. I was told by Ingeous and the Job Centre staff to apply for a crisis loan – only to be told after filling in all the forms that I wasn’t eligible because crisis loans can’t be given to people who’ve have benefits sanctioned. I had children, no partner, no parents, no friends (as that seems to happen if you’ve been made redundant).

    Classing every claimant as a scrounger is wrong and the fact that government have not weeded out the people that do not want to work effectively. On the sick it is a national disgrace the way they have treated very sick people again not weeding the scamer’s effectively..Utter disgrace infact the Tories are a skid mark on the underpants of society and god will pay these idividuals back x x

    The summary is so true – we are regressing from a civilised society – it must stop.

    Think these actions are a disgrace and forces these poor claimants to do things they dont want to do just to survive after these sanctions for minor things…we shouldnt be pushing people to go out & beg & steal. fully behind this petition

    because we need to be heard. all of this is disgusting people are dying.

    “Benefit scroungers” are the scum of the Earth – but if you believe they are commonplace, then you are sorely mistaken. The government’s own statistics show that benefit fraud runs at about 0.5% of all claims. This brutal elitism, perpetrated by right-wing media outlets with their own self-interests, belies the truth that the real scroungers are the politicians. For every meagre benefit claim awarded, how many hundreds(/thousands) of pounds do you think Messrs Duncan Smith et al are claiming?

    this must be stopped we cant have people starving because of unfair sanctions

    The poor are not scroungers, they are victims of corporations

    Must try and decrease the poverty people are experiencing and are likely to increase more of with anyone in power of things at the moment!

    blame is being apportioned in all the wrong places…

    Making scapegoats of the poor when the rich is a deplorable act of inhumanity by government who doesn’t care less.

    The fear of losing the only income you have that’s keeping you alive should you make the tiniest mistake is wrong. It must end now!

    it is punishing enough to live on meagre benefits in the 8th richest country on the planet, yet alone where there are too few jobs and therefore opportunities to escape the jobseeker grind that so many are desperate to do, let alone impose even more poverty in the form of sanctions for often arbitary and incomprehensible reasons

    NO ONE should go without a financial lifeline to exist … Only the very small minority play the system … others SUFFER in more ways than one!

    No one should be deprived of a basic income to live.

    Because benefit sanctions are state terrorism.

    This reflects the true face of the Demolition government, which does not shrink from bullying the most vulnerable people in our society. In their revolting philosophy it is a crime to be poor, unemployed, disabled or in any way different from some norm which meets their approval. The cruelty of the treatment they mete out to the people of this country is beyond disgraceful.

    What’s to tell ? The Tories have taken scapegoating the poor and vulnerable to such extremes that they MUST be stopped.

    because the government and dwp are reducing benefits in the wrong areas an targeting already the vulnerable and struggling to save money for their expense’s
    jennifer b. 5 months ago
    its wrong , simple !!!
    alison p. 5 months ago
    something i strongly agree with

    Think we should all sign thism its time this damned Government were stopped in their tracks. They are making this a 3rd world country, and abusing the ill, disabled and poor!!! PLEASE sign, share and ask your friends to do the same

    I have had enough of this continual victimisation of the unemployed…you are supposed to help them find your job..

    stop people from being starved into submission, its inhumane!!

    there are too many poor and starving in this country

    because IDS and his cronies need stopping other wise we will have mass civil war on are hands

    A wealthy society should not exclude anyone

    I totally agree with everything Johnny has said about taking away people’s benefits and leaving them with no money, and no food for themselves or their children – and even if they are severely disabled. This is inhuman.

    Because these sanctions are inhuman and wrong in 21st century Britain and MUST stop if we are to call ourselves a civilised society!!

    I have seen the desperate situations these unfair often unjustified benefit sanctions do.

    My daughter has been sanctioned because her partner didn’t fill a box in properly, even though they know he is dyslexic and never once offered to help! He signed on, on a friday, his advisor signed off as everything was ok, they got a letter monday morning to say they were sanctioned!! No money for 2 weeks, no help for their 22month old son, and even though i am disabled andon limited income, i have had to help them out!!! This whole thing stinks and should be stopped immediately!

    This UK Conservative & Liberal Democrats Government in full power at the moment are still talking rubbish and telling biggest lies and are cheating on all of us in the UK. This anti-social lies, rubbish and cheating needs to stop and MUST be stopped. What on earth is wrong with that awful David Cameron, Nick Clegg & George Osborne for goodness sake? What is wrong with them? I dunno! Anyway, good luck on this campaign – 38 degrees campaign (Good Luck)!!!

  6. I am absolutely appalled by the actions of this Government in reducing people to starvation and homelessness. I am dumbfounded by the fact that hardly any of our elected representatives have seriously opposed these policies and the media have, in the main, supported the Government in demonizing the unemployed and disabled. The Nazi Party started by marginalizing in this way and we all know how that ended. The utter hypocrisy of our MPs defies belief.

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