So, you are using a corporate email provider

You are not bothered that they mine your behavior to better sell your eyeballs to advertisers.

One problem, however, is that governments around the world are using these private corporations as a vast multiplier of state power. The big email providers won’t disclose how many requests for data they get from the government.
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Review of the performance of “Twelve”, as adapted from “Twelve Angry Men” by Reginald Rose, and performed by Sanford Collective

Hearing that 51% of the British population seems to be in favour of reintroducing the death penalty, and in the current environment of political unrest, the theatre group Sanford Collective decides it is time for a classic court room drama. Based in Sanford Housing Cooperative, in Sanford Walk, New Cross, this is a self-funded, all-volunteers theatre group where the director and the producer are also part of the cast.

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