Telsome [en]

Telsome is a strange company. Strange as in honest. Since we feel cheated so many times, once we do not, it surprises us.

Telsome is an internet, online services company.
It does some things that Skype does, like sending calls that are made to a fixed phone that you have contracted, to your computer, but it can also send them to your mobile phone.

I also find it strange in that it sends you its emails in Spanish and English, by paragraphs. Each paragraph talking about a different subject.

It is useful to stop paying for the fixed telephone connection that is already becoming obsolete, but keeping a fixed number, especially if you have had that number for many years, fifty years for example.

At home we had a fixed number for fifty years, the same number since phones were introduced in homes and they could not be moved because they were stuck and plugged to the wall.

Many years later mobile phones arrived and then the internet. Like most people, we used the phone less and less, and the line was only used to support the internet connection. But it was about twenty euros a month and we ended up removing it.
With much grief; it had been about fifty years.

Then we discovered Telsome, which allows you to pass your fixed number to a VOIP number, accessible from a computer and even from a mobile phone.

Like so many internet companies, Telsome demands a payment in advance, and then they start the service of transferring the phone number.
But, having cancelled it earlier, it was no longer possible.

So I found that I had paid twelve euros for the service of the first month, but the impossibility of carrying it out.

I explained to them and demanded the money back; partly without expecting any success because other similar companies, including skype, have charged me for services that I have not been able to use and have got away with it.

When I was already resigning myself to losing ‘only’ twelve euros, and why get more angry than necessary, I find the refund, after several strangely bilingual emails.

Well Telsome is such a strange company that such honesty deserves an entry in this blog. It is sad that it is so but this gesture honours them.