The Grosvenor Pub

The Grosvenor Pub is a pub in Sidney Street, SW9, London, where radical groups and projects can do their fund rising, and fund rising gigs regularly happen to the enjoyment of many.

It is situated very near Stockwell Station, in an area currently undergoing gentrification. As part of this, the whole building containing the pub and the flats above it has been purchased by a private company that has asked for planning permission for conversion.

Below are guidelines on how to formally try to stop the disappearance of this pub. From this point on they are not my words, they belong to an email that was distribute with the Subject: Objection to Planning Permission for the Grosvenor Pub, Sidney
Street, SW9

There is a planning application to build flats above the pub and we need
to object because in doing so, we can ask the Planning Committee to
ensure the pub stays a pub and doesn’t become another Tesco shop.
I attach my objection below – please feel free to rip it off. But the
important words are in bold / between asterisks * – please use them!
You can either write to the Planning Committee at Phoenix House, 10
Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LL quoting 14/02772/FUL or register online
click on the ‘Visit the planning applications database’ and then
register. Once you are in, you can search for 14/02772/FUL and object.

I object to this planning application to build flats on top of the
Grosvenor pub.
This pub is a great, local amenity on Sidney Street, SW9, that serves
it’s local community well and also the wider area by holding music
events that draw people from North London and as far away as Brighton.
Despite having bought flats above a pub, the new occupants will not like
the noise and the result will be many complaints to the landlord and
Many successful applications like this one have resulted in an eventual
change of use from a pub to more flats, or shops.
If you do agree to allow the building of these flats, please put in a
planning condition that the pub area is to be used only as a pub, unless
further planning consent to use it otherwise is granted by the Planning
Committee. *Please ask the planners to make the removal of permitted
development rights for the pub a condition of said development in order
that any change of use should be brought within planning controls, i.e.
made dependent on approval of a planning application following due
The Grosvenor is an excellent local that is a great supporter of up and
coming music acts, and has a first rate reputation in the local
community. It would be a real shame if it’s future was put in doubt.
In conclusion, I object to this application because it has inadequate
conditions to prevent change of use of the pub area putting the pub
under threat of change of use.

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  1. Update: the Grosvenor is no longer. It has closed and it will be difficult to find another place so open to groups raising money for noble causes.

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