Tina is very opinionated and she likes writing. The result is a great conversationalist and an excellent writer.

She has written so much and so well, that she is now a paid columnist as a result, and she has already written inspirational , enraging, well-researched, enlightening and always interesting, reasonable pieces that makes one think.

And she is also an avid reader – not surprising as all good writers are good readers first.

She read my book and she so kindly put a review of it in some commercial websites and in one not so commercial one.

And in addition to that, she also had wonderful words in private emails that she has kindly given permission to put in the books page … but first I wanted to enjoy sharing them separately on this post.

I LOVED Bearing Witness. It is so well-written, moving, honest and informative. I couldn’t put the book down once I’d started it. It is excellent.

Words like this were what encouraged me to continue writing that diary, and eventually put my diary in a book. Thanks to all out there who review the books and blogs of the unknown. Thanks Tina.