Two mass graves

It is a tradition in some parts of the world that families go to the cemetery where their dead rest every first of November, at least to arrange the gravestones and lay flowers.

But some of the dead do not rest in cemeteries, but in mass graves, in the same place where they were gunned down.

In La Pedraja there is one of these graves, of people shot from 1936 to 1939, which have been found thanks to the efforts of the families of those who fell here.

Here also, every first of November, descendants and relatives of these dead gather, along with people from a certain party who bring an important representative, and there are also people who, although they have no acquaintances in this tomb, appreciate the privilege of having theirs in a property tomb and choose to accompany people who do not have such a privilege.

Flowers as in any other mausoleum, and also music, flags, and some more or less electoral speech of the leader of that party.

Which is no reason not to join. No need for words either. It is enough to be there. If anything, observe. There are two graves. They were called 1 and 2. one next to the mausoleum, the other, a few more steps away from the road. A ditch. Instead of a tombstone, white stones cover the collective tomb, or mass grave. The names – the known ones, because some bodies found here are still unidentified – on the headstone at the bottom.

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