[:en]Two years ago, the Inquest[:]

[:en]According to my notes on my diary, today is the 2nd anniversary of the Inquest of Marie’s death. It is 2 years today that a few of us had to stand there and describe part of what we saw – just what we were asked about.

Two years that we saw the woman driving the car that hit Marie, coldly and carefully choosing her words, lest she incriminate herself. Two years that we saw the second driver weeping at the memory of Marie under his car.

It is two years today that a woman dressed as a judge determined that it was equally Marie’s fault and the driver’s fault. Marie, who was respecting the highway code, who positioned herself, on her bike, on the lane she needed to be in, in order to continue to Brighton. The driver, who was not respecting the speed limit, and who did not allow the minimum distance between her car and Marie’s bike.

Two years since  Marie’s mum fainted when we had to vacate that room and it looked like it was all over.[:]