Bearing Witness – Eight Weeks in Palestine by Ana Barahona

Bearing_Witness “Muhammad tells us that there is a huge respect in Palestine and other countries for “internationals” like us, who, Muhammad says, leave ‘the comforts from your homes, your education, your work, your families, to come here and suffer with us Palestinians’.”

“Abu Ali goes on about our very important mission here in Palestine and back home, telling what we have seen here.”

This book is part of that telling.

Current availability

You can of course order it from myself: abarahona at indicating format and, if physical, printed book, how many copies.

In electronic form, as an ebook, it is available from Aktivix OwnCloud and smashwords.  Even as pdf courtesy of riseup

In paper format, it can be bought in a few radical bookshops in the UK are stocking it, plus it is available from Active Distribution; you can also get it by emailing anabarahona at or leave a comment here, to request a .pdf, an .epub or a printed copy on the post, I am testing with ebay / paypal where you can also process payments / donations by if that’s what you are used to [link to ebay]

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Private reviews

“A page turner.”

“…Very engaging.”

“Very good, enjoyable, informative and touching.”

“I LOVED Bearing Witness. It is so well-written, moving, honest and informative. I couldn’t put the book down once I’d started it. It is excellent.”

“A very powerful and moving testimony of experiences in Palestine of a human rights observer, as someone who has gone in solidarity to witness and to physically help and protect Palestinian people. The tone and pacing of the book are awesome.”

“It is very clear and does not get bogged down in facts and technicalities. Instead what comes across very clearly is the awfulness of the everyday lives of Palestinians. Reading about their normal activities helps to get a very real idea of the repression and humiliation that they face. Not only does the author not ‘star’ in it, but she is able to report exactly what she did but in a way that brings out the situations of the Palestinians more so. It’s definitely more than just a piece of witnessing.”

“Entirely moving, and with some sort of building tension. By the time the reader gets through Bi’lin and then to Hebron, it’s impossible to not be moved.”

“Wow. It’s really interesting. The simple, present tense narrative helps to get into it and imagine the reality of the situation there and how the author felt.”

Published reviews

“Its well written and well paced, one of those books that is hard to put down. I’d heartily recommend it for anyone wanting to see the human side of the broader situation in Palestine.”

Active Distribution

I found myself gripped by the simple, eloquent narrative of this real-life experience in Palestine. […] Ms Barahona speaks purely as an observer, which was the role she took, and the gratitude of the Palestinians is almost painful to read.
I was aware of the conflict before, but not the reality of the action on the ground. Now I am. This book is enlightening, enraging and vital to read. Strongly recommended.


… and more reviews on Goodreads

Author’s note

All the names in the text, including the author’s, have been changed, to try to avoid repressive actions by the State of Israel.

ISBN: 978-1-908099-02-0

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