Activity Pub

We are testing the activity pub plugin at

There are several rules plugins need to fulfill before being added to the multi-site. One is, they must be free, both as in beer and as in freedom. Another one is, they must be currently maintained. This one appears to have been updated 4 days ago, and the license reads as GPL or similar, so it foots the bill.

Not many plugins are available when using, compared to sites like … Partly because not that many plugins are free cost, free software and maintained. Also because, the more plugins (I am starting to call them fireworks), the more chances that things break (each other) and, being run by volunteers, it doesn’t pay to spend sleepless nights fixing things, and for us users, we do prefer the site to be up, running and available.

Now I’ll try to have this visible somewhere on the fediverse.. If it is, ActivityPub worked