See this bike

See this bike?

It wasn’t always like that. The picture was taken after the love-injection exercise.

When my friend GA43i found it in a garbage bin in Brixton, its handlebars were dropped. So the gear changers were not there; they were on either side of the bar between the pedals and the handle bar.

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Farewell to London

I am saying goodbye to Brexit support groups because I am saying goodbye to the UK and London, to my chance to live there. It’s a damned website, but these groups have been extraordinarily valuable to know ‘what’s going on’. The number of times I have quoted them to explain the situation or situations that have led me to take the decisions I have taken.

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Tottenham Palestine Literature Festival 2014

hjfpIs Tottenham a little village? Some one involved in the literature festival was a friend of a friend of mine, an ex-colleague of another friend and the colleague of another, although none of us knew about these connections until yesterday. [Link to the festival’s page]
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