Maxam-Expal in Quintanilla Sobresierra

Fifty people from different provinces demonstrated on 28 December outside the gates of the industrial complex of the Maxam-Expal arms factory, formerly known as “Explosivos Riotinto”, now exports arms.

At three o’clock in the morning a group of runners left Santander. So did the group leaving Burgos a little later.

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Two mass graves

It is a tradition in some parts of the world that families go to the cemetery where their dead rest every first of November, at least to arrange the gravestones and lay flowers.

But some of the dead do not rest in cemeteries, but in mass graves, in the same place where they were gunned down.

In La Pedraja there is one of these graves, of people shot from 1936 to 1939, which have been found thanks to the efforts of the families of those who fell here.

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