Colombus Day

Reflexions on the day of Hispanidad, on view of so many weapons on display on the streets of Madrid.

12 of October, which in the calendars – these seem to be separating – in the Christian calendar it appears as the day of Our Lady of the Pilar and in the civilian ones as the Day of the Hispanity or Columbus Day.

I arrive to the broadcast of the parade when they are almost finishing; in come the “regulars from Ceuta”, with their military uniforms and their white capes; their history, say the commentators, is that of the colonies of North Africa, and “regulars” because they replaced others, that they were there more for emergencies. And they all go in formation, and the whole set up exalts the whole army, and these too. And the rest of the army can be dressed as [Ministry of] Defense and even as humanitarian missions, but the colonial power is the power of subjugation of other peoples who did not ask for it.

And then come the horses, which are a few at first, and then they come in formation like another army. And my partner knows a bit about what a horse can cost and says “how much money stuck in there” only in what they exhibit today. And I say ” your money.” And she looks at me as if I have insulted her and I explain: “your taxes. That is where they get it to put in all of that” “And yours, too”. Of course.

How many schools, how many hospitals and other social benefits could be financed with the taxes that go to all those weapons. And the monopoly of violence means that if I refuse to pay those taxes to finance that weaponry, that very weaponry is used against me.