Marie Vesco. The ride 2013

highwaycodeAs announced, on the morning of the 4th of June 2013, for the fifth anniversary of Marie’s death, family and friends of hers met by the road where she was killed and then cycled to Portsmouth.

The day started with a radio interview that you can listen and/or download here:

There are interviews with Marie’s dad Jacques Vesco, Marie’s friends Seb Achaibou and Gerry Platt, RoadPeace director Amy Aeron-Thomas (RoadPeace) and Marie’s mum Dominique Vesco, who called for presumed liability, which in European countries where it is in place seems to mean that drivers are a bit more careful because, when they hit a more vulnerable road user, they are presumed liable for compensation. In the edited recording there is also archive material and interviews including one with Mark Cavendish.

Most riders started the journey in London, getting to Burgess Hill by train. At that station we were joined by riders from Brighton. We then headed to the Hickstead roundabout, taking the horse and bike lane, and we joined Marie’s family there.

It was a beautiful posse, all with our pink hi-viz jackets reminding motorists they should give cyclists as much space as they would give another vehicle. A crew by the local BBC station interviewed some of Marie’s friends and family and took shots of us all.

Then we visited the spot where she was killed. We have been there so many times, planting flowers, putting compost … it is starting to look like a proper garden, what with the wild flowers all along the road too.

We camped one night on the way, then the next day continued our way East on the Downs to Portsmouth.

From there, Marie’s parents then took the ferry to France and cycled home to La Rochelle, in France.

Jacques & Dominique arrived home safely in the afternoon of the 9th of June nearly 500Km since we left them in Portsmouth. They said on Facebok: “Now the ride is finished. Many thanks for your support. It was very great to be helped like that. We are tired but very proud. Now we must continue the fight: there is so much to do.”

We ended up with more hi-viz vests than we needed, because the printers had a minimum amount of vests in order to process the order. To help us recover the costs of these, you can purchase one of those for £15 at Fitzrovia Bicycles or by getting in touch (you can post a comment and ask for it not to be published).

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