8th of March

8M. feminist strike. bannerThis year an entire international women’s strike was called for March 8. Feminist activists and organizations from more than 30 countries called to taking the streets on this International Working Women’s Day, in order to fight against sexist violence, feminicide and capitalist and patriarchal exploitation of women around the world.

The Feminist Assembly of Burgos – blogpost in Spanish – today wanted to make visible in the Hospital of Burgos – the health sector disproportionately feminised – the rejection of sexist violence and support for the international feminist struggle, with a concentration where things like the following were changed:

The street is mine, night and day. The street is mine, night and day.
Neither pasanas nor submissive, combative women.
We stop (we strike).
Courageous, free, diverse, feminist, to the strike.
Brave, free, diverse, we are a feminist herd*.

Together and strong
Together and strong.
If they touch one of us, they touch us all.
No means no.
We want to be free, not brave.
With or without clothes, my body is not to be touched.
This strike is the key to our future.
Sexism kills too.

Excuse the inconvenience, we are being assassinated.Excuse the inconvenience, we are being assassinated.

Meanwhile, in the bbc the general strike called with considerable success in all Spain, was front line news on the bbc website

* this word, herd, is a reference to a group of men who gang-raped a girl during the festivities of San Fermin, in Pamplona, who called themselves “the herd”.