So, I have signed up for NaNoWriMo. I do not intend to write a fully finished novel by the end of the month, but at least I will have a serious first part in preparation for a first draft.

The book is about Marie Vesco (RIP) and her friends and family and people in between, and the dreams and aspirations of them all. It is taking quite a bit of research, interviewing and nagging. I am trying to do all this at the same time as writing, in the hope that already produced material will encourage more production, hopefully with less need for nagging.

NaNoWriMo consists basically of writing a 50,000 novel (or at least a piece of writing) within the month of November – just the 30 days of it.

I sense that this “novel” (or piece of novelised non-fiction) I am writing will be much longer than that, if only from comparing it to my previous book, which described two months of one person’s life in about 65,000 words, and this is intended to cover a couple of years at least, of a group of people.

So I’m setting myself the goal of writing at the very least 2,000 words a day; ideally 5,000, just during this month.

I have warned the people I consider my closest friends, and others that may be affected by this, that I will probably be much less available than usual during this month. I will still be available for the coordination of a bulk ordering of good, mainly organic food and other things. And I will need breaks.

To help with word count, and feedback gathering, I have started a new blog, where I will put the first texts. I will probably move it to another one once all the characters agree, if they do.

Feedback is welcome in any form. Not necessarily about grammar or spelling mistakes, as that’s more for when the plot and the wording are settled. I would need general feedback, and hopefully in the way that this fine blogger and writer defined here (scroll down for how a writing buddy, or “peer network” would ideally work).

I’ve told friends that I would be most happy with feedback on how the text makes them feel, if it is entertaining, or boring, or embarrassing, or needs more explanation, or less. Things like that.

A book in the making.

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. wow! I have not read enough to scratch the surface, but can IMAGINE the idea of covering Marie Vasco is really going to make for a big and “researchful” work! Good luck! IU have to get back to writing and awat from this procrastination, but before I do let me say that the post reference (not going to attempt HTML here in case banned) has proved fruitful to my research of the IMAGINATION and very usefully provided me with major inspiration – you’ll be getting an acknowledgement if I ever finish!

  2. No worries.

    However – if you stopped procastinating on this blog and read the other one instead, you’d realise I did about 3,000 words on the first day :p (therefore I can afford to “procastinate” now, which is not so as I consider this part of my writing even if it will not go towards word count).

    Thanks for the comments. And best of luck with your project too, can’t wait to see my name in some one else’s book :)

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