Pensions 30 April

demonstration for pensions After three other events against pensions of misery (reports in Spanish (22 feb, 17 march, 16 abril), this past April 30 we made the fourth demonstration in Briviesca, responding to the call of the Coordinadora for pensions.

A few days before it was announced that there will be a pension increase, which may have led to the belief that it is not so necessary to make more demands in this regard, or to attend events like this.

Apparently the rise in question was already planned, but was being reserved for a coup d’éffect as the one caused.

In any case, the state coordinator for pensions has made its own assessment that can be summarised with a willingnes to continue with demonstrations until all pensions reach living wage levels.

For the moment, there are demonstrations called in many Spanish cities for next May 5th. Now the preference is to see many people in the photos rather than a large list of cities, so from Briviesca people are invited to demonstrate in Burgos, joining provincial efforts, on Saturday 5 at 12 in the Plaza del Cid.