Return to the Camp

#34 phoned me to tell me a story of a lost contact lens and the need for me to go to his house to pick up a replacement. When I arrived again at the camp, he was eagerly waiting for me at the top of the gate. Many people had climbed there to witness the stops and searches taking place right outside and to make the newcomers a bit more welcome.

A van-ful of people had arrived as I approached the gate on my bike so I had to wait for a few minutes for the privilege to have my bags searched and my body patted again. Once the operation had finished, I noticed a change about the gate. It was no longer a gate that would open and close. It was locked and we all had to climb over it to get inside the camp. My bags and my bike had to be lifted over it too. People were just so helpful.

Compared with Sunday, the camp was absolutely crowded now, even at this time of the night. Even more compost toilets and kitchens had been built. The central area looked as busy as a high street at peak hour.