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Rik is an expert on Fukishima [link to wikipedia]

Fukushima is a nuclear power plant on the East coast of Japan that on 11 March 2011 suffered a meltdown of three of the plant’s six nuclear reactors.

A meltdown is when the uranium fuel rods in the heart of the reactor overheat, to maybe 3000 degrees centigrade, then melt down into a white hot sludge and burn their way out of the reactor into the environment. The radioactive fuel then spreads into everything, including the food chain, and causes deformities and cancers.

Rik says it had 3 meltdowns in 2 days, then the relevant figures denied it, maybe because admitting it would mean to have to clean it and it would cost money, which is allegedly more important than babies getting cancers.

Rik was living in Berlin when Chernobyl popped off and is now also helping with the campaign to try to stop them building another new one near Bristol.

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Attached are the latest updates, from spring 2014, and the previous 5 as well.

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