Sinking Podemos

And we raided the heavens, or what is equivalent to saying that some members of Podemos were elected in various elections, to the point of having representatives in Parliament, and mayors ‘of the change’ in important cities and in mine.

Both mayors and national leaders lowered their salaries when they took office. The press appeared bewildered, the public somewhat amused … the rest of us, I do not know if we were especially proud that their lives were an example of solidarity, or if it was taken as something natural, because living simply is all one can when one knows that in order for someone to live in richness many other people have to suffer.

And now the Iglesias-Montero couple buys what some far right has called a chaletón (from “chalet”, detached house with a garden) and a storm forms in the internets.

For some opinions it is a luxury house that someone with the inclinations mentioned above should not even want to be able to afford, for others it is, if not necessary when your privacy is being annihilated, totally legitimate since it is acquired with money that has not been stolen, which in certain countries and certain political classes it is already a lot to say.

It is not consistent, it is not illegal, but the action has disappointed and some say that it can sink the party by itself.

If party got sunk it would be serious because right now it is the only left-wing option in Parliament, the only one with any credibility that, if one day it comes to power, it will be the less favored classes that will have won. You could create another party, perhaps, as this was created. But having to do so, so many efforts would have been thrown in the garbage bin.

In this storm of ‘trending topics’, there are a lot of newspaper archives, many interviews with Pablo Iglesias where he talked about people who buy houses, with dubious funding and intentions. They say he has done exactly that now.

The first reaction is to think that they did this with Manuela Carmena (Mayor of Madrid) on account of a shared vacation that she paid from her own pocket (important detail in cases in the context of political classes that prevaricate) and with Garzón (leader of the “United Left” party) on account of his wedding.

Another possible reflection is that now, all those people who thought that if one day Podemos would come to power, it would confiscate all private property, can now breathe easy – and who knows, maybe even go from fear this party to (shock horror!) vote for it.

And I think that is the reason for the panic that seems to show in a certain (corporate) press. They seem to have set up all the available artillery to destroy this possibility of change as much as possible.

It is what facing power for a just cause entails. You start preaching and by the time you realise you have turned consciences over and you are hung on a cross.

From everything I’ve read, I liked this in Spanish: The title translates as “Podemos needs to be sunk (destroyed) whatever it takes”.

This is the continuation of the first part, and a translation from Spanish.