Standing out

The following is based on some one else’s thoughts. I have been referring to those so many times, and sometimes written them to friends, they deserve some space in the public realm.

Some people are so privileged in their intelligence and the capacity to do good work, they stand out wherever they get involved. But it can be frustrating for them to see that the rest of them don’t pull their weight, they don’t seem to “care”. What comes next may be useful for such people.

If you do more, it is because you have more drive, and more capacity. Maybe, even more capacity to get excited about the projects you get involved in. See, not even the ability to feel enthusiasm is the same in every one.

In short, you are so much more able than people like myself, so much more organised and driven, you should think of yourself as special, specially gifted.

If you think of yourself as “the norm”, when you realise that the people around you are not on the same level as you, it may come as a shock. It probably makes you feel at a loss, not understanding how on earth the people you encounter just can not be asked to do as much as you do.

Whereas, if you start thinking of yourself as a specially gifted, marvellous and wonderful person, then you may come to accept that not every one is going to be so awesome – in the end, “not” “everyone” can be special, it goes within the definition of the word special doesn’t it.

Then you may find that it is not so frustrating.

And because such wonderful people as so scarce, I truly feel thankful that as of late, I have come to be surrounded by a whole bunch of you. I feel privileged and gifted just for that.