Taller software libre

Taller de Software Libre y LibreOffice en Briviesca el 16 de noviembre a las 7.30 de la tarde. Será el primero. Luego vendrán más. Gimp para manipular imágenes, si hay demanda Audacity para manipular sonido, y por supuesto privacidad en internet.
Siempre para principiantes.
Los contenidos de este taller están aquí, en solo texto, y la presentación en formato .odp está en owncloud de aktivix
Texto de la presentación de Introducción a Software Libre y LibreOffice
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Electronic publication epub: the e-book

Bearing_Witness_A5I have now converted my book to electronic format.

Some say pdf is the ‘de facto’ format for electronic publication. It can be used for computers on all platforms.

However for other devices like mobile phones or tablets, it seems the EPUB format is better or more useful. I read a few manuals and ‘how to’s but somehow they all turned up to be over complicated, so here is a more simple how to convert to epub.
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LibreOffice styles – for a “book feeling”

I wanted my book to look like proper, published book. Some published books have the title of the chapter on each page, and I find this quite useful.

It was rewarding but a royal pain to attain this with OpenOffice, then LibreOffice. I am not sure I will [even try to] achieve that for my next book (yes, there is another one), but here are some of the steps I followed.

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One big challenge I have found in the process of using only free software but at the same time engaging with people in the printing industry is how to create files in the formats and modes they require.

OpenOffice (now LibreOffice) kind of does the job for text. All I needed to do was to make sure that the fonts were embedded so instead of using the shortcut icon, I did File-Export as PDF and in the field PDF producer:

Graphics are a different matter.
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