Censorship block

I couldn’t access any riseup page http://riseup.net using the ADSL provided by PepePhone for two days
Here is a screenshot

I asked both riseup and Pepephone people. On twitter.

In riseup they told me that they saw no problems, and in fact the site was well accessed from other parts of Europe.

Since I couldn’t get a response from Pepephone, to solve the problem, I “bypassed” it. I was able to use a “third party” VPN service.

After doing a traceroute people from riseup told me that what it looked like was that the blocking was coming from my ISP, and if my ISP was blocking me from accessing a page, the VPN access would only be temporary, as long as the part of the cache relevant to that access did not expire.

After a whole day without a response from Pepephone via email, I found a user with his name and logo on twitter. During the time that the conversation lasted I was able to check that, using my mobile data, I could access riseup – the blocking seemed to have stopped for the mobile network. The blocking continued, over the ADSL network, until it lasted two days.

Once the blocking was over, I reported it to pepephone’s twitter account, asking for the reason of the blocking, and I’m still waiting for an answer.

For future occasions, https://ooni.org/ asks you to install omniprobe and run an “OMNI Probe” to get a clearer idea of where exactly access to a page is blocked, so that you can at least try to find out why.