Isolated vacations

Off-grid paradise, outside the supply system.

Dry toilet, or compost toilet. It is recommended not to mix liquid with solid but if it is managed well, it still does not smell of anything; if anything, it smells of the wood chips used to cover it each time.

A solar panel next to ‘la casita’, the little house, generates the electricity. From there it goes to the main house, where we charge mobiles and all those things we still find essential.

The water is collected from the rain, and also from a local public fountain.

So for the duration of the stay, no electricity or water is consumed from, or paid to, any company.

There is no lack of internet though – from a local cooperative.

It’s in the mountains, so there’s plenty of paths to walk or ride a bike. There are also rivers nearby, for bathing and swimming, and beaches, less nearby, but also.

Conversations with the host couple can be in English and Spanish.

And the place is near Tortosa, in the province of Tarragona.

Contactable on HubZilla (the alternative facebook, and federated / compatible with alternative twitters). Or check the contact page.