Just a few days into lockdown I could not access any of the riseup pages or services from my computer (and the adventure that followed ended up in the workshop that two friends and i will stream today 30th of January from 3pm in Madrid and Berlin, 2pm in London, with an option to ask questions on IRC).

I contacted both riseup and my Internet Service Provider; none of them could report any problem that could cause my lack of access but the service was restored after a few days. Suspecting a blockage, I was asked to run the ooni probe app so that this anomaly could be analysed and explained. By this time I could already access riseup, but I was then asked to run the test for This page had been blocked by all major Internet Service Providers operating in Spanish territory for months, and still is as of December 2020

An outreach campaign, a full technical report and a less technical summary later, the team putting the report together was contacted by Derechos Digitales. They too had noted the blockage of pages for women in different Latin territories in the American continent, and wanted to learn, from women, how to make a similar report. Typically the women involved in the report had not participated heavily in the technical side of it. So we needed to learn from the European men, in order to teach the mostly American women+.

We created a safe space for learning that was then extended to the workshop, the documentation of which is a work in progress. Today we have been invited to share this experience in the context of Remote Chaos Experience Dec. 27th – 30th, 2020 (tickets sold out) and will be streaming our workshop at 15:00 Paris time (or 2pm London time) from this address: and you can ask your questions in this irc channel:


server :
port for SSL connection : 6697
channel : #sharksn8ps
web interface :