Women On Web

Since pepephone blocked me from accessing riseup.net, the people from the magma guide know how to contact me, and so they did, when they noticed that the website http://womenonweb.org/, which offers information on contraceptive and abortion options and pills on donation, was blocked by all major Spanish internet service providers (ISPs). I couldn’t give them reason apart from confirming that pepephone also blocks it, so I asked some people from hackmeeting and sindominio. A commotion was raised, articles were written in Catalan, in Spanish, in English. The website seems still blocked today. Even though it can be accessed over TOR and some VPN. Apparently the Opera browser offers some free VPN. (So do riseup.net and aktivix.org but you need a friend to introduce you).

The website can also be accessed through google cache

You can contribute to report this and of course other cases of censorship on by running the program or app from ooni.

What follows is a translation from Donestech in Catalan:

Hey, people! If you have 10 minutes, you can contribute to report one more case of censorship on the net at home. It’s not clictivism! It’s more fun and above all, useful!

They are blocking “www.womenonweb.org”, which has information and resources on contraceptives and abortions. You’ll see, try to access it and see what it says! NOBODY EXPECTS ENGLISH INQUISITION

To counteract this, what can we do? Ooni is a collective that researches internet censorship, and offers tools to check the censorship we receive, and compiles and offers this information in the world. It makes it very easy to have reliable data to be able to denounce the deprivation of rights publicly, that’s why we need to do a lot of tests!

To contribute, the easiest way for many people will be from a windows computer (instructions at www.ooni.org) or on a mobile phone:

  1. Install the ooniprobe application from fdroid, google play, or the application repository you use:
  2. In the first ‘box’, give the “tap card for more”, “choose websites” add womenonweb.org to the line where you invite with a “http://” and give the “run”
  3. Wait a few according to, and check the results.

That’s it! The reports are automatically sent to the good people at Ooni, who will analyze them to understand how they did the censorship this time and find out exactly what is blocked and what is not.

If you fly more, it is very useful to repeat the experiment from different Wifi and data connection. That way we’ll have a broader view of which ISPs are blocking us and how, and maybe we’ll discover them the day they start blocking those that aren’t yet! If this is not possible for you, please feel free to share this text with everyone you know.

The tests are anonymous in the sense that you do not have to give personal information, but your reports will include the phone company, date and time, and ASN (which can be linked to a geographical area), but not the IP or boss other more personal data, such as email, name, phone number. This is never shared!

Thank you very much!